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“So what are you doing after your undergrad?” How 4 U of T Students Are Figuring Out The Answer

Last week, I wrote a blog about how to deal with stress surrounding your future. Writing it reminded me that deciding what to do after your undergrad is a super stressful thing, which lots of people are struggling to figure out.…
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Stressing About The Future? When It’s Useful and When It’s Not

These past few weeks I’ve started really worrying about my future—from impending grad school applications, to decisions about what career I’m going to pursue, to choosing what city to live in, lots of big life decisions are coming up. Some…

Three Cheers for Careers!

I always look forward to Thanksgiving. This time around, I had a very productive time; I cleared out my closet of all the old clothes that I never wear anymore, I baked several pies, I caught up with friends from high school, I enjoyed the lovely wilderness that I REALLY miss when I’m living downtown, and I caught up with my little sister and my little canine sister.