Game of Groans: an exam themed parody

Winter Exam season is coming. A photo of Ned Stark overlooking, with the words "brace yourselves, exam season is coming" As April quickly approaches, the average seasoned student will be preparing themselves for the onset of the most stressful time of year: final exams. Similar to the fabled “winter” from the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, exams are dreaded by most and require rigorous preparation of student-friendly rations like caffeine, extra sleep and good study snacks. It’s difficult to say when exams will truly come, as it is not unlikely that the exam schedule will be released later than expected. Like the Wildlings, the masterminds behind our seasonal exam schedules are unpredictable creatures and some of us prefer to leave it up to the U of T Gods to decide whether or not we will have consecutive exams (which sadly rob even the most battle-worthy students of their mental perseverance).