Loving Doing Nothing

I have a secret hobby. This is a hobby that is the opposite of brag-worthy and my personal definition of “indulgence.” It’s a little counter-productive, but on my busiest days it’s the one activity I want the most. It’s more of an anti-activity and yet it’s one that may be a universal favourite among all U of T’s tired library dwellers. This (now not-so-secret) hobby of mine, is doing absolutely nothing at all. I used to feel guilty about loving doing nothing. As my post-secondary education has progressed, I’ve become busier and busier and as a result of this, my idea of a “fun” time has changed too. Of course, I still enjoy a night out on the town every once and awhile (YAASSS, shoutouts to the 6ix) but for the most part, my perfect evening involves a homemade dinner, a good movie and pajamas. I know what you’re thinking. Only nineteen, and I’ve reached my full grandma potential already.
A snapchat of Madeline with the old/wrinkly filter over her face. She looks displeased.
A little crazy how fast U of T can age the average nineteen year old...
Snapchat filter wrinkles and all, I’ve come to accept that with a crazy personal schedule of work, school, assignments and this month, upcoming exams sometimes doing nothing for fun is okay.