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Three Major Differences of Studying at American University (VS the University of Toronto)

Going on a virtual exchange has brought many surprises. This is owing to my not having known very much about what to expect, given the lack of such programs before COVID-19. The uncertainty of what may happen, when paired with…
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When Will I Use the Quadratic Formula? – Applying Coursework in Real Life

At the end of my degree, I hope that I’ll not only be well versed in my field of study but also know enough about those around me that I’d be interacting with at some point in my life. I’m not sure whether second year courses have shown me more real life applications or if I’m just getting better at making connections between the content of all my courses, but I’m starting to feel like the imposter syndrome that plagued me in first year is fading and that I’m growing as a student and more importantly, as a person.