#accessibilUT: Meet some of the accessible technology showcases

Next Monday is Accessibil-UT, a showcase of accessible technology innovations at U of T. Entrepreneurs at the university have come up with some amazing projects using 3D printers, mobile applications, and wearable technologies. Ahead of the event, here’s a rundown of some of the exhibits you’ll be able to see in action.

How I overcame my Astronomy 101 exam blues

In my first year at U of T, I took astronomy to fulfill my breadth requirements. When the first midterm came around, I studied really hard because the topic was out of my liberal arts comfort zone. I reviewed the lectures and the reading notes and made flash cards, and I felt like I was on track. I went to the midterm early, flashcards in hand. Looking around, everyone seemed nervous and stressed, and I was overhearing people quizzing each other with questions I didn’t know the answers to and started to panic. I put in my earphones and listened to some music and tried to take deep breaths.
Stacks on stacks (of flashcards). Image by benjamingolub via Flickr.
Stacks on stacks (of flashcards). Image by benjamingolub via Flickr.

#UofTRemembers: Remembrance Day events on and around campus

November 11 is Remembrance Day. This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the writing of “In Flanders Fields” by U of T alumnus John McCrae. There are lots of ways for you to learn about the history of U of T’s involvement in the world wars and pay your respects to Canadian veterans this week on and around campus.   Visit Soldier’s Tower and see artifacts, photos, and the memorial room. The Soldier’s Tower in Hart House is a stunning memorial to U of T’s veterans. They’re holding open hours for the U of T community to drop in and explore. Tuesday, 12pm-3pm Wednesday, 11am-4pm (anticipate line-ups) Attend U of T’s annual Service of Remembrance. Each year, this service takes place outside by the Soldier’s Tower war memorial between University College and Hart House, and is followed by a free public reception in the Great Hall of Hart House. There will be lots of interesting, insightful speakers from the U of T community. For more information about the service, check out U of T’s alumni website. Wednesday, 10:20am-11:00am
The 2013 Service of Remembrance at Soldier's Tower. Courtesy of U of T Archives.
The 2013 Service of Remembrance at Soldier's Tower.

Put title of blog post here (or: the perils of writing)

Words. Words that form a thesis statement. More words, separated into paragraphs. Further words. In conclusion, words. When I start a new paper, the first thing I type looks something like the above, or, more often, a string of frustrated nothing. Something like: askljaldjsadieruhejbrjnfgmkngfkgkfkgslmsdgkmdskmf. Starting to write is tough. Identifying the right moment to turn your zillions of tabs of research, piles of books, and pages of notes into your paper is always a challenge - and despite your preparedness to go, you’ll always be flipping through some book mid-essay trying desperately to find that one line you wish you had saved the page of.
A paper with the words "writing an essay" written on it with fruit loops spread out over the text to do the "i"s and make round letter shapes.
Very critical to my writing process: snacks. Photo via areta ekarafi/Flickr.

Five reasons to go on exchange

I studied abroad twice during my undergrad at U of T (I wrote about my time in Berlin a while back on the blog). I learned so much during those trips, made some of my favourite memories, and met some of my favourite people. Deadlines for exchange are coming up, so if you’re thinking about going abroad this summer or next year, it’s time to get moving on those applications! Not sure if exchange is for you? Here’s five reasons why I think you should think about it.