What’s Inside UTM’s Mamava Lactation Pod? Check It Out!

(2-minute read)

Maria Hussain, Family Care Office’s UTM Outreach and Communications Coordinator, shows you the inside of the Mamava Lactation Pod!

Watch this reel to explore the Mamava Lactation Pod
(click on the sound icon on the bottom right of the reel)

The Family Care Office website has a listing of nursing spaces on U of T’s three campuses. Please remember, however, it is your right to breastfeed, chestfeed or pump anywhere on campus!

Trailer-like structure with a door. Approximately 8 feet by 5 feet, 8 ft tall.

Reel Captions

Hi everyone! Come with us today to the Mamava Lactation Pod situated in the CCIT building on UTM Campus. The pod is situated conveniently across the MIST Theatre at an accessible distance from all other UTM buildings. To enter the pod, you first need to download the Mamava app on your phone. Once you download the app, you can search the pod location nearest to you and then the app will give you a unique access code to enter the pod, which you can enter into the keypad on the lactation pod. Once you enter the pod, you can use the app to toggle controls such as airflow and lights. You can also connect your breast pump to the electrical socket and continue to pump comfortably within the pod. This is a great space and a safe space for nursing or pumping on the go on campus.

Reel Description

The beginning of the reel begins with the images of what a person would see walking through the CCIT building as they head towards the Mamava Pod. The building has high ceilings and walls. There is a set of steps as the person turns left towards MIST Theatre. The reel then shows the user downloading the app for Mamava, selecting the UTM location, and then generating a specific entry code that they then use for the combination lock on the pod’s door. The inside of the pod is clean, white with blue walls with images of clouds. There is a bench to sit on with an outlet to the right at about hip level (opposite the door).