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Welcome back everyone!  Hope you’re all having a great start to the  year :)  If you’ve been in the Koffler Student Centre recently, you’ll notice the new TCard office as well as the lovely ASKme staff member at the booth providing directions.  Feel free to talk to the ASKme staff, and check out this post for answers to frequently asked questions.

Where is the Health and Wellness Centre?

Where can I get my UHIP card?

Where is TCard Services located?

What is this TCard you keep talking about?

I need to print!  Where can I load my TCard?

I need a GO Transit Student ID card! Can I get it at TCard Services?

Where can I find the Career Centre?  How about Housing Services?

I want to buy a meal plan – where is Food Services?

What services can I find in the Koffler Student Centre?

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New year, new TCard space

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a fantastic break :)

The TCard Services office is now open for business, and it looks great! Check out the pictures below, and be sure to pop by 214 College Street to get your TCard. The office is located directly inside the St. George entrance to the Koffler Student Centre beside Second Cup.   Make sure you bring the required documents to obtain your card!


IMG_6243   IMG_6463

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Mini update

As the holidays quickly approach, renovations have picked up steam. The T-Card office is now in the final stages of renovations and will be set to open on January 2, 2017 in the new space at the Koffler Student Centre (pics coming in the new year!).

IMG_5819          IMG_5813

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How can I access the From Intention to Action Program (FITA)

Already in the FITA program?
Meetings with your FITA Counsellor will continue to take place in the FITA offices in the lower level. Enter through the main floor sliding doors of the Student Life space, and proceed down the temporary walkway to the lower level waiting area.

Looking for FITA for the first time?
There will be no front desk to assist students with way finding during the renovation. If you have questions or concerns related to FITA, please contact the FITA Program Coordinator at 416-978-4525,, or in the new office location, room 167 on the lower level of the Student Life area. To get there, enter through the Student Life main floor sliding doors, and proceed down the temporary walkway to the lower level. Follow the hallway to the left all the way to the end past the washrooms. For more information about the program itself, check the FITA website at

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Where can I print?

With the Career Centre/Academic Success Centre renovations underway, our student printer is no longer available.  But have no fear – U of T has a number of student printers in close proximity!  Check out this list compiled by our guest contributor Makasha Armstrong.

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Demolition begins

Move day felt like a massive project of its own, but that was just the beginning! A couple weeks ago, we saw the scaffolding go up (also known as the “egress”) and demolition promptly began over the weekend.

While the Career and Academic Success Centre services have moved to room 203, many of our staff are still working in their regular spaces during the renovation.  In order to access the the offices, an egress was built so we could safely enter and exit the space.

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TCard Services moving to Koffler Centre

On January 2, 2017, TCard Services will be permanently located on the first floor of the Koffler Student Services Centre, in what will be the newly-renovated area that houses the Academic Success Centre, Career Centre and Housing Services.

Staff and faculty will still be able to get their TCards from the Robarts Reader Registration desk, but students will be required to go to the Koffler site to get their cards.

In the new space, students will find the resources they need to achieve their personal and academic goals. Bringing the TCard office to this location streamlines Student Life’s services and allows students to visit one location for a variety of programs and support.

Renovations are now underway and will be completed early next year. Faculty and staff who have questions about  TCard Services are encouraged to contact Arlene Clement, Director Housing & TCard Services, at, or Ursula Shail, Manager of TCard Services at


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Nearby study spots

Written by guest contributor: Sania Hameed, Career Start Peer Advisor


Looking for a place to get some work done, now that the Career Centre is undergoing renovations?

Whether you don’t feel like making the trek up to Robarts, or whether you’re just racking your brains for a Career Centre back up – we’ve got you covered!

Here are a few spots on campus that are about 5 minutes away – or less!

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Check out our new temporary space!

Welcome to our new temporary space – take a peek at how the new locations look! As mentioned in earlier posts, our new front desk is located in room 203 at the Koffler Student Centre.  This office can be accessed through the College Street entrance, or by going up the central staircase past the bookstore.

IMG_5205  IMG_5176[1]

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How can I access the Academic Success Centre services?

The Academic Success Centre front desk is temporarily located in room 203 on the second floor of the Koffler Student Services Centre. Come to the front desk to:

  • Make appointments with learning strategists
  • Attend drop-in hours
  • Check in for your appointments

From there, the front desk will direct you to the appropriate meeting location.

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