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How Writing for Accessibility Services has Helped me Learn and Stay Motivated

I have always been passionate about writing and sharing my personal experiences. Despite choosing a STEM undergraduate degree, I love maintaining writing as part of my daily life. While looking for work during the school year, I found the opportunity…

On Campus Job Hunting Season is Now Open!

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Spending my hard earned cash.
Since the age of fifteen I have always been employed. Going through high school, it allowed me to have the freedom to spend my hard earned cash on things that I wanted and not have to rely on having to convince my parents to give me money or buy me certain things. Fast forward to my university years, being employed has become even more important. The money that I earn from being employed not only allows me to experience things that Toronto offers, but also helps tremendously in covering the cost of being in school.

Cyber-security, Facebook, and why there’s no such thing as a free lunch

Sometimes, school and the hyperactive “Type faster! Why are you wasting time on sleep!” rhythm of student life (particularly in the final weeks of term) overwhelm me and it’s easy to lose sight of why I’m here, in a haze…