Meet the Crew!

Hey y'all! Inspired by Annette’s post about the MoveU Crew, I’d like to share some of the fabulous features of the HealthyU Crew that I’ve been fortunate to be a part of in a communications role. I love being able to share our successes and achievements around campus— especially because an awesome team of students and volunteers are responsible for planning and executing the campaigns and events! Perhaps you’ve seen them at Clubs Day, Street Festival, in libraries and common spaces, and at walkabouts around campus... Here's a snapshot of each of the four themed-teams that make up the Crew!
The HealthyU Crew is a combination of four healthful initiatives: HappyU, FuelU, MoveU, and SafeU

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This year, Canadian novelist Michael Winter is serving as the Jack McClelland Writer-in-Residence. You may be familiar with his fiction like The Big Why and This All Happened, or maybe you've seen him around campus as he has worked as…