Katrina (2013-2014)

blogger - katrina In her first year at U of T, Katrina set out to find the community that fit her best. "You have to keep an open mind," she says. Katrina introduced herself to a lot of different people, which exposed her to a wider range of interests. For Katrina, change is the only constant: she realized that she is always learning about herself. "You can't worry too much about fitting into just one group," she says. "There are so many out there to belong to." You can read her posts here! Also follow Katrina on twitter: @Katrina_UofT

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  1. hey katrina! I have a few questions regarding the courses at university of toronto! I was recently accepted to woodsworth 🙂 I’m extremely excited. but I was wondering as someone who is entering faculty of arts and sciences (life sciences), would it be possible to do both life sciences and then double major in music production/composition? If yes, would I have to enter when I begin next school year? And also are there exchange programs in Asia that I could do? You don’t have to post this! It’d be great if you could email me! Thank you so much for your help! I appreciate the time you’re taking to read this 🙂 Best regards, Shelley

    1. Hi Shelley,

      Katrina’s done for the year, but I’ll do my best to answer your question! First of all, there is no music production program at U of T (at least at St. George). From what I can tell from the Faculty of Music’s website, you may not be able to double major in composition, as Music exists as a separate faculty. Admission requires an audition (which were held in February and March). However, don’t take my word for it! Contact the Faculty of Music and ask them, they’ll know for sure: 416-978-3740 (http://www.music.utoronto.ca/contact.htm#registrar)

      There are definitely exchange programs at U of T! Some run during the school year, and others involve taking courses abroad in the summer. Check out the Centre for International Experience and browse around: http://cie.utoronto.ca/Exchange-Programs.htm


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