11 Things I’ve Done as a Digital Storyteller

Looking for a fun job? Interested in being a Digital Storyteller? Not sure what the heck that even is?

Well, you’re in the right place!

Since last spring I have been working as a Life at U of T Digital Storyteller and it has been amazing. In this position I blog my experience at U of T using different social media platforms to help other students gain insights from my experience, learn how to get involved, and see the opportunities, resources and facilities U of T has to offer. 

This year I’ve had the opportunity to…..

 1. Discover hidden spots on campus like the Green Houses and Arcade


Who knew #uoft had Venus flytraps?!?!🌱 See for yourself at the Earth Science Centre one the 5th floor of 25 or 33 Wilcocks St. #tourtuesday #studentlife #nature #green #fyp #trending #plantlover

♬ original sound - Sickickmusic

 2. Interview Iakoiehwáhtha Patton, the First Female First Nations Rhodes Scholar

3. Attend a wide range of events from Student Life, Hart House, different Faculties and organizations on campus

4. Discover famous alumni who've come before us

5. Interview students all over campus!

6. Ask students fun questions with polls on Instagram

7. Constantly photograph our beautiful campus

8. Find out if U of T is haunted👻

9. Attend Student Life workshops to become a better reader, sleeper and more mindful, and share the tips I learned with other students

10. GONE VIRAL on TikTok/Insta!!!

11. And become friends with the other Digital Storytellers and new people we’ve met along the way!

Digital Storyteller Team

We hope to see you on our team!❤️

Until next time,

Sammi Herlich

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