Summer’s Not Over Yet!

One of the worst feelings of the year is when I’m sitting back and relaxing on a warm summer day and see a back-to-school commercial. It’s the same feeling I’ve been getting since elementary school, and it always makes my stomach fill with nervous butterflies.

As much as I love U of T and am excited to return to being on our beautiful campus and learning again, it's always an adjustment going from summer mode to thinking about writing essays. The month of August feels hard to enjoy when it goes by so quickly, and in the back of your mind, you know the big transition is coming soon. But, if you let the gloom of thinking about first-day jitters, new workloads, and all the other “fun” stuff that September brings along, August will be wasted. And who wants that?

Girl (Sammi) sitting in front of University College building on summer day.
Caption: You know you can't get enough of your school when you visit it in the summer...🌻

I’ve been trying to enjoy the rest of the summer to the fullest by keeping up the summer spirit. This means…

a) Watching summer movies even when my sisters are in the mood for something Halloween spooky (sorry, but the two against one rule does not apply here).🎃

b) Listening to upbeat music that feels summery. If back-to-school worries begin popping in my head, I try to drown them out with music that gives off beach vibes. Cue the Beach Boys!!!🏝

c) Getting outside! There’s nothing more authentically summer than chillaxing and feeling the warm sunshine. I know I’ll be indoors sitting on my computer soon enough, so I want to take advantage of the summer sun while I can. ☀️

d) Making a summer bucket list. Every summer, I always make some sort of list of things I want to do so that I feel satisfied when everything's all crossed off. It might include roasting s'mores, going on roller coasters, hitting a patio, seeing a concert, or heading to the Beaches.🎢

After months off of school, getting back into the groove of things can feel intimidating, but with the support, great professors, and community at U of T, it will surely be an exciting, fulfilling year.

Until next time,

Sammi Herlich

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