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What I gained from my U of T college

The college system at U of T helps students find a community where they can belong. In a previous blog written by my lovely co-creator Anisha, she broke down what a college is

There are seven on the St. George campus in the department of Arts and Sciences:

Those who aren't in the Faculty of Arts & Science are able to access all the same support and community from their respective faculty.

Each college has its own history and certain programs and focuses that run out of it, but that doesn’t mean you need to attend a particular college to gain access to a program or its buildings.

I think of my college as my campus headquarters – a place I can turn to for questions about my academic and personal support.

I chose which college I’d attend based on one of my programs. I decided that I would go to Victoria College because I'm studying Literature and Critical Theory which is taught on that particular campus. Vic is a campus that has a lot of language programs – an area of study I’ve always flocked towards. The campus is also super pretty, so that was a bonus. 

I spend the most time there because it has my favourite library (E.J. Pratt) and views (gorgeous trees and a stone waterfall).

It’s also where I can get involved in student politics and initiatives like the on-campus student-run coffee shops.

Every time I meet a Vic kid I know I’m likely coming across someone with similar interests and values. I truly appreciate the amenities and people in my college. It was so easy to make friends there.

At Vic, I feel at home. I hope incoming students will take the time to network within their college or faculty and enjoy all it has to offer too. Each one is its own special place.

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