One extremely exciting aspect of being a student at the University of Toronto is being able to explore and discover new places across campus. However, as I'm going into my third year, I still feel as though I haven't explored even half of the University of Toronto's beautiful and abundant campus.

A few days ago, while walking through Victoria College at the University of Toronto, located at 73 Queens park, Toronto, I decided to follow a trail down the steps close to the EJ Pratt library, which led me to one of the most beautiful and coolest spots on campus. I happened to come across a hidden mini waterfall that was absolutely gorgeous. This spot had lots of benches surrounding the beautiful mini waterfall, and up until this day, I had never seen any study spot like this. I was shocked by the fact that there was a hidden waterfall close to the library I cross every day on campus. I decided to sit by this beautiful waterfall, listen to the sound of the water gently pouring onto the pond, and finish my assignment.

While studying there, I found that the hidden waterfall is the perfect spots for students to relax, study and hang out inToronto's amazing summer weather. This study space is in the corridor close to the steps of the stunning Victoria College at the University of Toronto. The view of the castle makes me feel like I am in a Harry Potter movie, and I could not believe how peaceful studying at this spot was. This study space provides very serene and tranquil vibes and the zen background sound of the water gently pouring into the pond helped me focus even more on the assignment that I was working on.

I definitely would encourage students to come here while the weather is warm in Toronto, as it is personally one of my favourite study spots on campus, not only because of how peaceful it is, but because of unique this spot is as well.


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