End of Term!

Midterm Week Struggles

Midterm season is upon us and as is customary, most of us are drowning in assignments, quizzes, and essays. Its almost the end of the term, the final stretch of the year and all of us are trying quite desperately to find the motivation to finish the semester on a good note. With all of this going on, it's becoming increasingly challenging to maintain our physical and emotional health. Midterm season is characterised by students experiencing fatigue, inability to fulfil deadlines, and inability to satisfy normal demands such as eating three meals a day, sleeping enough, and so on.
And it is during times like these that it is even more critical to look after our mental health. The University of Toronto offers a number of programmes for this purpose, particularly for students struggling with the stress of midterm season and those who are experiencing academic burnout. U of T Telus Health Student Support (formerly U of T My SSP) provides counselling support to students who live outside of the province/country. There are a variety of programmes accessible in Ontario, including group therapy, single session counselling, and short-term counselling.

As we scramble to finish our assignments and wrap up the last of the midterms before we head into final season, a bittersweet feeling creeps over me. While I do want to get done with the exams I'm not sure if I’m ready to see this year end. My first one in Toronto, second at UofT- I’m just not ready for this to end. There are so many more experiences to be had, so many more people to meet and a billion more memories to be made- and I can't help but feel that the fact that we were robbed of one year on campus gives us a lot less time to experience all of this.

As a fellow student, who is most unlikely to take their own advice, I request and implore everyone to take care of their mental and physical health this midterm season. Take a break and step out for some fresh air to keep yourself motivated and prevent burnout. For more
Wishing everyone the very best of luck for their upcoming tests. Stay safe!

For more information regarding student, rights visit the Arts and Science Students’ Union(ASSU) social media pages and website.
For access to mental health resources
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