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Last week, I began the process of applying to summer jobs. I started with updating my resume, changing the style of the document, updating my folder of reference letters, and seeking out further documentation from colleagues/ staff. I then built my profile on LinkedIn and included a link to that in my resume. I also added a link to my personal blog.

Then, I started applying for jobs through LinkedIn and Indeed. I also used some of U of Ts resources such as the Job Findings for Students in Statistics which is curated by Megan Whitehead. These jobs are not only suitable for students with a Statistics major but also other areas likes Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Data Science, Mathematics and Actuarial Science. 

I found that a lot of summer job positions have recently been posted or become available. I also used the CLNx website to apply to both off-campus on-campus jobs. There will be further opportunities on CLNx posted throughout the month of March and onward during the rest of the Winter 2022 semester. Using CLNx is very efficient since you can filter through multiple job postings. You only have to upload your resume once to the portal and can then use it for multiple jobs. Although, you're encouraged to personalize your resume and cover letter to each position! Since this website uses your UTORid login information, the companies you apply to receive the application from your student email which also demonstrates that you are an active U of T student. 

I also made sure to connect with many people on LinkedIn including fellow university students, previous employers and colleagues. This allows you to build a network within your career zone. I also made a list of companies that I want to work at and directly applied to these positions on their respective websites. I found that a lot of responses to my applications were accidentally sent to the junk folder in my email, so I always keep an eye on that folder when applying.

Remember: it’s never too late to apply! I found that applying to job postings that have been advertised more than 7 days ago does not necessarily mean that you are too late. There’s always a chance that they have vacancies in their department or even in another area of the same company. Many companies keep an eye out for suitable applicants and may even open up a spot at the last minute for interns or summer positions.

I believe that the key to applying for jobs is being consistent with applying and not losing motivation or confidence. You might get multiple rejections but that shouldn’t slow you down. The perfect job might just be around the corner and it only takes one!

Here are some useful workshops coming up related to applying for summer jobs:

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