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It's Time for Mental Health Awareness!

With the recent announcement of the university returning to more in-person activities from 7th Februarytnhe schedules of almost all students have changed as have their plans to return to campus. Hybrid modes of teaching will be available until the 18th of February and a complete return to in-person classes begins on 28th February. Amidst this constant back and forth between online and in-person classes, it is natural that the mental health of students is being affected. Also, the winter season comes with its own set of challenges and Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) is one of the many mental health issues that crop up. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for us to get the conversation about mental health started.

The University is celebrating Bell Let’s Talk Day on the 26th of January.
On Bell Let’s Talk Day, Bell donates five cents to Canadian mental health programmes for every use of #BellLetsTalk in:

  • text,
  • tweets,
  • or TikTok videos
  • Facebook post,
  • Instagram post,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Snapchat,
  • TikTok,
  • Twitter,
  • YouTube view of the Bell Let's Talk Day video,
  • and every use of the Bell Let's Talk Facebook frame or Snapchat lens,

All of this is provided free of charge to participants, except for what they would regularly pay their service provider for internet or phone access. The Bell Let's Talk campaign is dedicated to bringing mental health ahead in Canada, encourages awareness and action via a four-pillar strategy: fighting stigma, expanding access to care, supporting world-class research, and leading by example in the workplace.
St Michael’s College is hosting a seminar on Bell Let’s Talk Day to allow open discussion around balancing school, participating in clubs/student groups and mental health and is also organizing a donation wherein every $5 donated by a student will be matched by a $5 donation from the college towards the adequate dispersion of mental health resources.

In these trying times, accessibility to mental health resources is of essential importance and should you feel the need to, please feel free to visit the links provided below and access these resources.

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