Reflections on U of T’s Academic Bridging Program for Potential Students

This week I want to talk about the University of Toronto’s Academic Bridging Program. The ABP is an “opportunity for those who do not meet the academic requirements for admission to the University of Toronto to qualify for an Honours Bachelor of Arts or Honours Bachelor of Science degree program in the Faculty of Arts & Science.” This past spring, I graduated from the Academic Bridging Program, and I’m now in my first year of full-time studies. 

My experience with the Academic Bridging Program was an overwhelmingly positive one. This is despite courses being offered solely online during the height of the pandemic. I’m a mature student (in my late twenties) who had been out of school for about three years and had never attempted a University degree, so I had no idea what to expect. I found that the program gently eased me into my bachelor’s degree and gave me an impression of what I could expect in Academia. My teacher was excellent, patient and went out of his way to help me get acclimatized to the University of Toronto. I was taught how to read and analyze a piece of writing and write in the ways expected at the university level. 

To be upfront about my mentality entering ABP, I wasn’t sure I was cut out for University based on past struggles in a college diploma program, despite my desire to pursue a university education. I write this on the off chance there is even one potential student reading this blog who is considering returning to school through the Academic Bridging Program, the Transitional Year Program, or any form of post-secondary education for that matter. I encourage you to apply. You can do it! If you have doubts as I did, I’m here to tell you you’re likely more capable than you realize. The hardest part of my journey has been deciding to take a risk and finding the will to fill out the application form. In my opinion, being a mature student with life experience and perspective gives you a significant advantage. 

Here you go: ABP Transitional Year

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