Fall Is Calling…

I am so glad to live in a world where autumn exists. It is the best time of the year! Everything looks much prettier in autumn. My favourite author, Sarah Addison Allen, perfectly describes fall as “the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.” There are golden colours everywhere and the air around us is crisp and chilly.

This autumn I decided to experience as many fall activities as I possibly can. 

Starting October, I made my first stop at an apple farm located in the outskirts of Mississauga. I had a lot of fun here because it was a huge farm, at least 500 acres big filled with apples and veggies. They had many varieties of apples from Granny Smith to Royal Gala. Once I collected about 40 apples, I went home and baked a cinnamon apple pie to end the fall experience on a warm and sweet note.

Last week I also visited Café 23 which is near the St. George campus. It has an outdoor seating area with a natural vibe, trees, and florals around the coffee tables. The cute sparrows flying around and sitting on tables made my experience at the café ten times better! I enjoyed the grilled cheese at this café. The pictures at this café turned out to be amazing. It is a must to get your pumpkin spice latte and study with nature around you. It was a much-needed change in the downtown environment for me.

At the university, while walking around campus I also reached the Philosophers walk behind Trinity College. I found this small trail to be very scenic. It captured the true beauty of autumn with the leaves falling around me. There were many people with their pets around this trail. Trinity College looks beautiful with the golden leaves surrounding it. It added a vintage charm to the scenery. This spot is also the perfect place to get your fall pictures and admire the perfectly shaped fall leaves!

I also tried out pumpkin carving for the very first time this year. This was a very fun experience to share with friends, roommates, or families. It was a cheap buy from my nearby grocery store and I was able to create anything I wanted with it! With Halloween coming up, it was a fun and easy way to spice up my room or apartment. These experiences really made me realize that autumn brings out the best golden vibes than all the other seasons.  I hope that during the coming weeks you all get a chance to try out at least one of the “fall experiences” around you! 

A happy face carved on a pumpkin!
My very first carved pumpkin!
Apple Trees at the apple orchard
The Apple Orchard

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