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Interesting Clubs I Want To Try Out This Fall

Here are four interesting clubs that I’d like to try out this fall.

Clubs are a great way to get involved on the University of Toronto campus. Not only can getting a club position look good on your resume and open up career opportunities, but it can also help you make friends and give you a sense of belonging in the university community.

This summer, I’ve been taking the time to scout out potential clubs, recognized student groups and other organizations that I’d like to participate in during my last year at the university. Since most events will occur on campus, I should hopefully be able to join these clubs and meet the members in-person.

From recognized student groups to student societies to course unions to Hart House groups to campus media, the activity groups on campus are abundant. To start my club search, I went to the Student Life info page for more information on student clubs, which led me to the Ulife website, where many of the groups are listed.

black-and-white circular logo that reads "U of T Knits"

1. The U of T Knitting Club (U of T Knits)

As a knitter, I jump at the chance to meet other people who love this hobby just as much as I do. Knitting is a fantastic way to de-stress and calm yourself. Since I’m someone who loves keeping my hands busy, I feel knitting helpful because I can do it while watching Netflix, chatting on the phone with a friend or listening to a podcast. 

blue circular logo that reads "baking club - university of toronto"

2. The U of T Baking Club

Okay, I have to admit, I only recently got back into baking when my previous roommate taught me how to make white bread. While I used to bake daily in middle school, I no longer have the time or energy to create detailed pastries, cakes and tarts. While I’m a full-time student without much free time, I’ve also heard that baking is synonymous with relaxation, and I’ve definitely experienced this fact first-hand. Plus, there is nothing as exciting and mouth-watering as the aroma of freshly-cooked white bread or chocolate chip cookies. 

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with the U of T Baking Club on Instagram, where they often share yummy recipes for pies, carrot cake muffins, chocolate cake truffles and more.

3. Bookends

As a self-pronounced book nerd, I’m already a member of this club. While we weren’t able to meet in person last year, I enjoyed keeping up with the group and reading all the books of the month. For example, the July book of the month was “Such A Fun Age” by Kiley Reid, and I’ve been super excited to read this one, because I’ve heard great things about it. Due to taking summer classes, I didn’t end up getting around to this read, but I’m hoping to dive in during the fall semester.

a multicoloured brain with flowers poking through, underneath the words "Healthy Minds"

4. Healthy Minds U of T

Healthy Minds is a mental health advocacy and peer support group that aims to create space for students to talk about well-being. I think this club is super necessary, and it’s important to have extra-curricular supports that encourage students to prioritize their help and safety, above all else. Mental health professionals are a great way to seek help, but peer support can also be really impactful and a good resource for maintaining a healthy mind.

To help students find more clubs, Student Life is hosting a Facebook Live (August 24) about 5 questions students may have about joining a club!

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