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Budgeting time for school and for fun

My mother used to always say, that irrespective of who you are or how much wealth you've acquired, you will always have only 24 hours in each day. As I wrote in my last post, I am juggling a couple of jobs this summer. However, I also try to make time to walk my dog, spend time with friends, and to read with my mum. In this post, I want to share how I allocate time between my hobby—painting—and the online course I am taking this summer sub-section.

I opted to take this course in part because I wanted to keep a work-study program position. By taking at least 0.5 FCE during the summer, students can apply to work a work-study position with a maximum of 100 hours. I have friends who have done web design or social media work. My work study deals with research assistant responsibilities in support of the University of Toronto's School of Cities' Urban Genome Project. I found this position through the CLNX portal last summer, when I also took a summer course. I have been working the same RAship through renewals of my contract as a work-study student.

a computer monitor sitting on a book
I like to connect my laptop to my monitor to ease the strain on my eyes.

Taking a summer course has allowed me to fit more electives into my schedule. Last summer, I took a course mandatory for my graduation as a political science major, as well as an elective in visual arts. That course helped me realize different perspectives of looking at art history. I would not have learned about the Dada movement otherwise.

That course also gave me lots of inspiration as to what sort of art I can produce. In my spare time, I enjoy embroidering and oil painting. Both art forms can take days, and the urge to complete a piece without pause can be difficult to resist. But with two 3-hour lectures on Plato each week, I had to work out a schedule to manage my leisure and academic responsibilities.

my studio, with a chair, drawer, stool, canvas, and artist's easel
This is the space in which I paint.

The method is not strict, but I dedicate the hours of 9 to 3 strictly to school work and work-work, unless I am done early. That way, I have the rest of the day and all of my evening to look forward to. Since my mum also works during the day, it means I can have my solitary work done before she comes home. I also have friends who try to make breaks throughout the day, but I find that micro-managing my time doesn't work out well for me.

My art is rewarding in that it can also decorate my work space. I work and paint in the same room, so it is important also for me to keep the environment clean and organised.

What have you been doing work and fun-wise this summer? Do you have any tips for keeping your workplace tidy? Let me know in the comments below!

An unfinished painting of mountains in the winter sits on an easel
A work in progress!

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