Recognizing Work-Study Students at the CCP: Part One

Throughout my time at the Centre for Community Partnerships (CCP), I’ve learned, watched, and grown. I’ve witnessed how at the heart of the CCP, it is a place to connect with passionate and community-orientated organizations, and work alongside like-minded students and youth.

Personally, one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve gained from the CCP was the opportunity to foster long-lasting relationships with my fellow colleagues. Throughout the next two weeks, I have decided to spotlight the work of my co-workers at the CCP, to highlight our achievements, and the lessons we’ve learned shifting to an online work-study. 

This week, I will be recognizing my two colleagues Nasma and Elio. Nasma and Elio have both shared more about their work over the past few months, which has been important in ensuring the successful development of this year’s Community Action Groups program. 

A pas Project Leader presentation on "Next Steps".
What are your Next Steps with Community Engagement?

Ashwini: What is your role at the CCP?

Nasma: I am a third-year undergraduate student, double-majoring in sociology and health studies. I am a Community Action Groups assistant at the Centre for Community Partnerships! My work consists of helping with the development of the CAGs program, as well as working with CAGs members and facilitators to support them, to ensure that they are having the best experience possible!

Elio: I’m a first year PhD student in the Department of History and Sexual Diversity Studies. At the CCP I am the Workshop Assistant, where I help to streamline and adapt CCP content across the co-curricular team. I also get to collaborate with the folks on the Community Action Groups and Community Action Projects teams, which gives me the opportunity to support my fellow work-studies with their important projects. 

Ashwini: What do you enjoy most, regarding your work at the CCP?

Nasma: What I love most about my work with the CCP is how principles of social justice and equity are weaved into all of the work that the CCP does, which aligns with my personal values, as well as my future career path which aims to focus on social determinants that affect health inequities in the community. 

Elio: My favourite thing about the CCP is its commitment to growing alongside developing student and community needs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and heightened political awareness for other social justice movements in Toronto. This work aligns with my personal and professional values, as I continue to prioritize equity work in my daily life.   

As the Blogger and Storyteller for the CCP, my work does not often intersect with wider programming, so it was wonderful to be able to speak to these two, and understanding the common teachings we have taken away from our work. Through our conversation, I was further able to acknowledge how we all value the principles of social justice and equity are weaved into all of the work that the CCP does. I am grateful to be working in a position that has allowed me to enrich my understanding of not only social justice issues, but engage with fellow students as passionate as I, on matters we truly care about.

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