The Joy of Choreography

Happy Joy Week everyone! This week I’m writing about dance choreography because that is what immediately pops into my head when I think about what brings me joy! Ever since I was a kid I would spend hours dancing around the kitchen, listening to music, and constructing dance routines. I’m proud to say that I can still remember a lot of them too! This year in particular I have been thinking about choreo a lot, mostly because I am a choreographer with the Only Human Dance Collective (a dance club here at U of T).  I think about dancing A LOT. I quite literally have choreography written in every notebook I own, and it’s on most scraps of paper and sticky notes that litter my desk as well.  Most people probably think these look like bad stick figure drawings, but I find it really helpful for me to draw dance like this if I don’t have time to record myself actually doing the moves. I also love to think about formations...  I personally think that choreography brings me so much joy for three reasons: 1. It’s a creative outlet that makes me feel fulfilled. I’m not sure how to explain this but creating something just for the sake of your own happiness feels great.  2. It’s my go-to stress relief. If I’m feeling anxious about an exam or essay I usually need to move around. I like to turn on some music and start dancing. I am able to focus completely on the dance instead of what I am feeling overwhelmed about. It has taken me awhile to find a successful way to deal with stress, but choreography is definitely one of the most efficient and healthy ways I have discovered.  3. I feel like I’m productive without worrying about deadlines or who is going to judge what I create. It makes me happy to watch other people dance my choreo, but I also love the fact that I don’t necessarily need to show other people some dances. No performance is expected so there are no expectations for me to dwell on. I can be happy just creating.  Coming up with choreography feels productive, creative, and fun, which is why I wanted to write about it for Joy Week. If you have a spare hour, or are feeling stressed, I encourage you to turn on some music and just dance around for fun! What makes you joyful? 

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