3d words of "For Rent"

My Thoughts While Securing Off-Campus Housing: A Timeline

Rent, utilities, location, shower water pressure?  These things are all factors to consider in the realm of renting apartments. As first year wraps up and comes to a close, many of us first-year dorm dwellers are starting to think about where to stay next year. While many friends of mine are planning to commute from home next year, I knew from the beginning that I would much prefer to live downtown. A timeline of my thoughts on apartment hunting: January 2019 : Oh no, everyone's talking about next year's plans. What should I do, should I start finding potential roommates? How much rent am I willing to shell out each month? What area do I want to live in? Oh well, maybe I'll think about it next week. February 2019: Great, a whole month has passed. After confronting most of my friends, they've either found roommates, are moving home, or staying in residence again. After scrolling through rent listings on craigslist, I do what every person does when they need a second opinion: call my mom. After explaining my situation, she suggests a family friend whose daughter has an apartment and is needing a roomie. Hallejuah. March 2019 : I message the girl, and we have a lot in common, and she shares the same love of cooking as me. Score. The location is right on campus, which means no pesky TTC trips in the mornings. I ask her the common renting questions, plan a tour of the apartment, and all seems well. I guess it's time to start making a Pinterest Board for my bedroom!
Map with many rental locations on it
Padmapper- A great rental finder
While I got the supposed easy route by going through family connections, the uncertainty of where I was going to live next year was very real.  Check out the the services that Housing provides to help! For new renters, I wish you the best of luck!
Two 3d letters that read 'FOR RENT'
Oh the struggles of renting..

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