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How to deal with physical exhaustion

GIF of brown bear. "Bearly Awake" Walking from Sid Smith from St. Mikes is a trek. The frigid winter winds pushing me around as I cut through Queens park only make the journey harder. I walk about 1 km to get to campus, then often find myself having to travel across campus throughout the day. As an able-bodied person who works out, I sometimes find it difficult to muster up the energy to embark on long walks, especially if I still have work to do. How I prepare 1.) Dress for the occasion. I know I have to walk a couple of kilometers some days, so I wear sneakers. If it's cold or snowing, I wear weather-proof boots (these can be expensive, but a worthwhile investment). 2.) Bring food. I'll bring a pack of berries or cookies for some quick energy. 3.) Strategically plan which library to study in. I pick a library that is closest to all my classes to reduce the distance I have to walk. That usually ends up being Gerstein or Robarts. 4.) Take the TTC. I can get from Queens Park station to Vic using line 1 -  beats walking in the cold. 5.) Layers. I buy thermal underclothes designed to keep in body heat. On days like these I usually have at least one extra layer underneath my outfit. The most important thing I do with exam season coming up is sleeping. My days of pointless all-nighters in first year are over. I do my best to maintain a constant sleep schedule. Getting in enough zzz's is good for my GPA and my skin. Despite the internet-expectation for students to give up basic human functions to study and hit a 4.o, I'd argue that actually doing well requires that I feel well. Sleep is an integral part of that. I also prioritize cleaning during this stressful time. During first and second year it was way too easy to fall into the pattern of ignoring messes because I had work to do. I now see the error of my ways. I guess a part of becoming an adult is cleaning things right away.

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