Winter is Coming- Surviving the Oncoming Cold Weather

Reading week is over folks, and so is the joy of seeing the leaves change colour. The weather is slowly but surely getting colder, nature hibernating for the next few months as we reach the middle of the semester. While the onset of winter is usually met with sadness and cases of seasonal depression, winter is just as part of Toronto's identity as sunny summer days. From one freezing student to another, here are some things I'm prepared to do as the temperatures drop. Bundle up! This may seem like an obvious one, but dressing appropriately for the weather is not as easy as you think. As the weather progressively cools, the heating in buildings will be cranked up, making it difficult to adjust. Dressing in layers, with a good weather-proof jacket is a must, especially when running to and from hot classrooms in chilly weather. A good scarf and gloves are also important to make sure I don't freeze my fingers off! Finding Cold-Weather Appropriate Study Spots As U of T has so many libraries, I have found myself tailoring the libraries I visit to the seasons. In the warmer weeks at the beginning of the semester, I found myself frequenting more modern libraries with open layouts and big windows like Bora Laskin, E.J. Pratt, and OISE library. As the cold sets in, I'm longing for a cozy study environment that is more ambient and historic. Thankfully, most of our libraries are steeped in history and offer a tranquil environment. This winter, I'm planning to spend more time at Graham, Hart House Library, Emmanuel College Library, The Buttery, the Sid Smith lounge, and the study rooms of Robarts. Keeping a Positive Mindset Feeling sad during the winter months is common among many, as schoolwork and exams tend to pile up around this time of year. Keeping a positive mindset during the winter months is just as important as a warm coat, and it's also important to find things that bring me happiness. Things such as the holiday season, hot chocolate, and movie nights in with friends all help lift my mood in the winter.
Two coffees with pecan pie on a marble table
Coffee- a winter essential
  Hope this made you a bit more excited for the wintery weather ahead, Joanna  

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