Image of members participating in basketball at the Hart House Gymnasium

GET THOSE GAINS: The crime of not using the U of T fitness facilities

I experienced a lot of stress in this past fall-winter academic session, and that really showed in my fitness levels, as I had almost completely neglected my body’s wellbeing in pursuit of academic and work goals. So, when I began my summer courses this semester, I made the decision to make going to the gym a part of my regular routine. TIME TO GET THOSE GAINS BOY! (or minuses, for some of us ._.) Where to start? As a person who was not initially in love with the idea of engaging in what seemed like physical torture for the sake of my fitness, it was difficult to find a place to start my fitness journey. I knew that I liked basketball, so I decided on going to drop-in sessions, slowly but consistently. After a couple weeks of FUN physical activity and noticing some encouraging physical improvements, aerobics and weight training made their way into my routine. Before I knew it I was even running on a treadmill *gasp*. I picked Hart House’s cozy but very high-quality fitness centre to be my regular gym. Combined with the towel service and showering facilities, my regular trips to the gym turned out to be the most refreshing part of my days.
An image of the greenery outside of Hart House with the blue Hart House banner in the background
Hart House is a really comfortable place to start getting into fitness
Mental Benefits With the end of the semester now approaching, I’ve found that making those 3 or 4 weekly trips to the gym to run, play sports, and do weight-training have really helped in managing my stress levels. Fitness training, I’ve found, is definitely one of the best “downtime” activities for me in the heat of a university semester. Something about working up a heavy sweat while ignoring responsibilities for an hour a day, washing it all away, and then stepping out into the summer heat is incredibly refreshing. Take Advantage! Despite how awesome exercising at U of T can be, many students seem to neglect these amenities (which we all pay for in our student fees, by the way). I have many friends that haven’t set foot in a U of T gym since the beginning of their first year!
Image of members participating in basketball at the Hart House Gymnasium
There are loads of fitness activities to participate in at UofT gyms, take advantage!
All kinds of fun to have While I know not everyone loves to exercise, there is almost surely something for everyone in U of T’s fitness centres. From squash courts to Zumba, weight rooms to dance studios, soccer games to martial arts, U of T has a wide selection of physical activities that are funded from our tuition money. So go out there and… make some abs… or something.

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