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What do I find more stressful than finals slowly approaching? Not knowing where I will live next year AND having to find a place before I go home to Uruguay AND study for finals... all at the same time. When I applied to U of T I was really excited to have guaranteed on-campus residence in the first year, but now that my first year is almost over I have realized a thing or two about "student apartment hunting." The first decision I needed to make in terms of housing was: off-campus or on-campus? I decided I would apply to several on-campus options while I looked for other places around town just to keep my options open. Then we have off-campus housing which is way more diverse, I could live alone, with a roommate, in a house, in an apartment, close to the university or farther away. I came to the conclusion that finding off-campus housing can be very time consuming and considering I only have a few weeks left in Canada before I have to go back home the search has required a lot of patience. I certainly did not think about housing earlier on in the year, especially considering finding accommodation for your second year is much harder than finding accommodation for your first year. When I applied to live on res all I needed to do is fill out a form and an online application. In my case, I started my search by using the resources student housing offers, after I came to the decision to live off-campus next year. The following link has the useful resources that allowed me to decide where I will live next year before finals and before I leave over the summer! My favorite resources is the "living cost" link which shows the estimated cost of living near St. George campus with a lot of detail. Even if I find the entire experience a bit overwhelming it is important that I consider all my option thoroughly before signing or agreeing on anything. I know that where I live will greatly impact my university experience, just how it has impacted my first year of university.

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