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I started doing yoga about two years ago, mostly after exercising, I would do 20min-30min at least three times a week. Once I moved to Toronto and University started I kinda forgot about this activity. Recently, I learned about drop-in classes at U of T and was determined to try at least one yoga class.

Back at home I would do yoga with an online subscription and only actually went to a real studio once. I was excited to try out the drop in yoga class in an actual studio where I got real-life and in-person teacher. I was nervous, and luckily I did not have to go alone. One of my friends agreed to start yoga with me. Once we got there and waited for people to start arriving the atmosphere of the studio was extremely comfortable, there were students of all ages, and overall the experience was a good one.


Source: Hollyhock
Source: Hollyhock

Having a yoga instructor who is there to guide you and push me towards a better understanding of the postures was great, I was able to become more familiar with my ability level and improve common postures. Personally, my favourite part about the one hour class (other than it being 100% free) was that it was not only yoga but also meditation which means that after every posture we would lay down and stretch/relax. After my class I was so confident I would be returning that I went to the store and bought myself a brand new yoga mat. Sometimes, we just need to push ourselves a little to compromise and commit to certain activities, activities that make us feel better and relax.

Source: Yoga for Hope
Source: Yoga for Hope

I realized that my expectations on my performance in certain activities (such as sports) are usually much worse than my reality. I did not try yoga earlier (even thought I knew I previously enjoyed it) because I was afraid I would be bad at it. I learned that drop-in courses are great to figure this out and gain confidence in different activities.

The drop in schedule is available on the website or using the following link:

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