Spotlight on Physiotherapy!

If you remember last semester, I shared the story of a recent nursing grad. This semester I hope to showcase students from other professional faculties! My next Q&A session is with a first year physiotherapy (PT) student, Amanda. Amanda completed her undergrad at McMaster where she earned her Honours Bachelor of Science with a major in biology and minor in psychology. Check out all the insight and advice about the PT program! Why did you decide to choose a career in physiotherapy? I worked as a physiotherapist support personnel for a year and really got the chance to see what PT was all about and I fell in love with it. I am so happy that I get to combine my love of science, health, and life long learning into one awesome career. To be able to help people with the skills and knowledge I will gain from this program is a privilege, and to see how we as physiotherapists can make a difference in someone’s life makes all the hard work worth it. What made you decide to study at UofT? The University of Toronto has so many great clinical opportunities because it is surrounded by numerous hospitals and other rehab facilities that allow students to practice the skills that are learned in the program.
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What were some challenges you faced while studying to be a physiotherapist? This programs schedule is very different from what I had encountered during my undergraduate degree. Most days run from 8am-4pm, during which we receive a lot of important information. Having to focus, pay attention, and retain the information 8 hours a day was definitely challenging at first. The other thing that caught me off guard was the cadaver dissections, this was new to me and takes time getting used to! What advice do you have for students interested in applying to UofT’s OT/PT program? Ensure that you have solid reference letters and are prepared for the Computer Administered Profile, as it is a great opportunity to allow the admission committee to see how you will make a fantastic physiotherapist one day! Even if you do not have a background in Kinesiology (I don’t either!) do not think your application can not be as impressive as someone who has tons of experience; if you are a well rounded person who is passionate about PT, that will show! The PT program at U of T can at times be challenging and stressful, but keeping on top of studying and finding a balance between academic and personal life is extremely important. Get out there and join an intramural sports team, join a club, and take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way!  

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