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It’s summer in Toronto, U of T - and it’s a hot one. (Well, most days. Then there are those weird cold days. But I will refrain from turning this post into a rant about the unpredictability of the weather this summer.) If you’ve got time to spare between classes and work-study and whatever commitments are bringing you to campus this time of year, here are some ways to turn U of T into your own personal vaycay destination. 1. Sunbathe in King’s College Circle. Who needs a sandy shoreline when you have a massive patch of grass surrounded by classrooms and libraries? Pack some sunscreen, a book, and a blanket and lay out in the sun in the heart of campus. If you need some shade, check out nearby Sir Dan’s quad. It may not be the beach, but try to imagine that the tourists are in bathing suits and the squirrels are seagulls, and you may as well be in Ibiza. A picture of King's College Circle with clip art of a beach umbrella and a palm tree that reads "Greetings from UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO". 2. Go for a swim. U of T’s athletic facilities have beautiful pools for you to cool off in on the hottest summer days. Dive into the slow lane and hope no one notices your inflatable shark and Hawaiian necklace as you float along the current of others’ laps. 3. Dance the night away at Forrò class. Learn some new Brazilian folk dance moves at the Centre for International Experience! Your participation in this event will basically be a shot-for-shot remake of Dirty Dancing. What are you waiting forro? (...Sorry about that. It had to happen.)
Salsa dancing at Hart House for the Pan Am Games.
Salsa dancing at Hart House for the Pan Am Games.
4. Relax with a low intensity drop-in class. The next best thing to a spa day - a drop-in yoga class! Find inner peace with Flexibility Fusion at Hart House. Your mind and body will be convinced that you’re actually in a Nordic spa (minus the hot springs and spa treatments and all that… which are obviously overrated.) If you’re longing for more spa time after class, find some friends and suggest a massage train as a fun activity. Sit at the front of it. You’re welcome. 5. Take in the views from Robarts. A Drake-approved activity: park your beach chair (read: normal Robarts chair) in front of the windows facing the CN tower, put a mini umbrella in your Starbucks drink, and survey the 6ix. Take a few selfies to send home and a few cover photo worthy panoramas and breathe in the fresh air (read: the library air). Pop your headphones in and have a silent disco in the stacks, showing off your newfound Forro moves and King’s College Circle tan. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the Empire State Building! Except, it will be Robarts. Which, I think we can all agree, is EVEN BETTER.
An ice cream truck on campus.
Ice cream: I'M ALL ABOUT IT. Reliably the best way to cool off, there are treat-filled trucks outside of Robarts and the astronomy building along St. George Street.
When it’s time for your staycation to end and your classes to begin, complete your round trip down the Robarts elevators and back to reality, relaxed and renewed and ready to do it all over again in two hours when you’re waiting out the time until your next class starts. How do you wind down and beat the heat on campus? Share your staycation tips in the comments below or on Twitter at @lifeatuoft!

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