I’m graduating this week! This makes me want to type all sorts of gibberish to convey to you how crazy that is to me. Something like: ajksdasjdaskljdasjkldasjkldasjkld THIS IS CRAZY. My five years at U of T flew by and, naturally, I’m feeling pretty nostalgic at the moment! Given the mountain of sentimental feels I find myself under, I asked U of T students to share their favourite pieces or memories from their U of T experiences. Here’s what they had to say about the things that have made their time at U of T special.
A portrait of Wathsala in front of St. George St.
Wathsala, third year, Mechanical Engineering “The thing I like most about university is living downtown. All the all-nighters, going and getting nachos at a 24-hour Denny’s after finishing a project to celebrate. I think we’ve been there at 3am, even 4am, staying for a while just talking.”
A portrait of Chevis in front of the Galbraith Building.
Chevis, third year, Mechanical Engineering “Getting to work on my own project. It’s a turbo fan air starter. I like being an engineer. We had a project where we had a machine with more than 150 components, and we did it all in one night!”
A portrait of Jieun in front of Sidney Smith Cafe on Wilcocks Commons.
Jieun, fourth year, English and Anthropology “Fourth year seminars, where classes are small enough that you can really get to know your professor and fellow students. By then, you see familiar faces and you feel like a part of a program. U of T can feel kind of big, so the small classes are really rewarding.”
Alen and Nasrullah with a basketball on Wilcocks Commons.
Alen and Nasrullah.
Alen, fourth year, Biology and Statistics and Nasrullah, second year, Neuroscience “Summertime, playing basketball every Wednesday. Ball is life.”
A portrait of Deena on the Sidney Smith patio.
Deena, third year, Sociology and Equity Studies “I discovered there’s Korean food at the Varsity restaurant!”
A portrait of Adriana in Sidney Smith.
Adriana, fourth year, Neuroscience and Environmental Biology “Playing frisbee with all my friends on front campus.”
A portrait of Matthew in front of University College on Front Campus.
Matthew, third year, Philosophy “I love living downtown and going to lots of concerts. I also love frisbee on front campus.”
A portrait of David in front of Convocation Hall on Front Campus.
David, third year, Computer Science “Getting an office in the Department of Computer Science for research. Also, doing a work-study at the daycare.” For the record, David also did this handstand: David doing a handstand in front of Convocation Hall. What’s your U of T snapshot? Tag us on Twitter or Facebook and use the hashtag #myUofTsnapshot.

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