Finding On-Campus Jobs and Work-Study Positions @ U of T

If you are looking for a summer job and haven't found one already, now is the time to start looking. The Career Learning Network maintains a job board on which postings for Work-Study positions, On-Campus jobs, and Off-Campus jobs are posted. Any U of T student or recent graduate can access the board. Work-Study positions are essentially jobs offered by U of T to students for the school term. You can work part-time while you go to school. Work-Study is great because it provides you with a little extra income while completing your degree, and it is a good opportunity for experience and connections. Work-Study positions for the summer will be posted on the job board starting April 20th. You can read more about Work-Study here. On-Campus Jobs are available throughout the year but their availability may be scarce at times because jobs seem to be posted as needed. In any case, jobs on this board vary from bartender to writing for this blog. Speaking of which, you can write for this blog! Applications are open, so take a look! Finally, there are Off-Campus Jobs available. This board is essentially a potpourri mishmash of all kinds of work, demanding varying levels of accreditation and experience. This is the board where the search filter, more than the other two boards, is extremely useful. Otherwise, prepare to search through half a thousand posts that are totally irrelevant to you. Job hunting is sometimes a strange endeavour. I actually am highly incompetent at applying for work and finding work; work tends to find me. I notice that I spend more time on the job board searching for work that suits me than I do applying to the aforementioned work that suits me. Don't be like me. But at the same time, it's important that you realistically assess whether you are actually qualified for the job. A family friend's advice to me was to blatantly lie on resumes and hope you didn't get caught. Please don't do this. It wastes your time. If you won't be able to actually do the job you are applying for, why even bother? When you get found out, you'll be back at square one (i.e. without a job). In short, self-aggrandize sustainably. If you need more advice on jobs than the small blurbs I post to the internet, the Career Centre hosts a variety of Events and Workshops. The main dashboard of the Career Learning Network shows upcoming events at a glance. These events will help you strengthen your resume and cover letter, beat procrastination, give advice on how to search for jobs, and so on. The CLN also links to other third-party websites that can help you in discovering your aptitude for various careers. The various student resources include career matchmaker quizzes and information on working abroad.

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