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We did it kids. We managed to conquer life's most terrifying scrub - exam season. Catch you on the flip side standardized tests! We don't need to worry about you clustering every facet of our lives for 4 more months! It's the holiday season - forget about your loved ones. It's time to give yourself a gift. The gift of taking a chill pill, and making room for some much needed non-academic TLC. This isn't about being lazy - it's healthy to rest your brain once in a while. That's why it's a break! You know: live, laugh, love. My exam season ended pretty early, so, I've been up to a lot this month. Like way more than last year, when I thought watching the entirety of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (What up, Tricia?!) while simultaneously eating 2 litre buckets of neopolitan ice cream for dinner was a good idea. This wasn't Sunnydale, and wearing pyjamas at 4pm in the afternoon surprisingly wasn't comparable to slaying vamppires.
A picture of my recent activity in Netflix. I've watched almost an entire season of Parks and Recreation in the span of one day.
I'm still a work in progress.
I decided to switch things up this year. The first thing I did was go to the Distillery District's Christmas Market with a group of my friends. Between the enchanting fluorescent lights, Santa Claus (who is real), and roasting chestnuts, my Instagram was practically imploding. The market definitely symbolized the true meaning of Christmas - which is not writing finals.
A picture of the Christmas Market. The giant Christmas tree is taking up most of the photo with crowds of people walking under it. There are so many lights. Classic Instagram post.
It was beautiful even without the filters! I still used filters though.
Because the Christmas Market conversely filled me with holiday spirit and emptied my wallet, I decided to find myself a seasonal job. I find work outside of school to be kind of therapeutic - it's kind of difficult going from doing readings everyday to doing absolutely nothing! It's a nice middle ground. Even more fun, I ended up getting a job at my favourite clothing store. I fully expect to be making negative income (employee discount, holler!), but it's still fulfilling nonetheless. Nevertheless, it's okay to be a little lax during your break. I'm still making time to blob out, whether it is (healthily?) binge marathoning TV shows on Netflix, reading for fun, or just plain old mellowing out to bad secular music while hanging out with friends. It's more than okay - it's fantastic!
A blurry picture of me at a get-together. I'm laughing and squinting, and I'm wearing my signature ugly dog sweater. I'm sitting next to a painting and bottle with a candle in it. It's a very artistic picture.
When it's time to relax, my ugly dog sweater is always by my side.
This holiday try to loosen up. If you don't feel like reading ahead for your classes next semester, don't feel guilty about it. If it relaxes you to read ahead, then do it. I'm not your 'boss, but just try your best to not strain yourself. There's nothing more draining than starting a school year already stressed out. No matter who you are, we're all Energizer bunnies, and we all need some time to recharge.
A picture of me and my two friends posing in front of a Christmas tree. We're all dressed formally while making silly Destiny's Child poses.
We're almost fully recharged!
Yes. That was a metaphor. On that note, UofT, have yourselves an awesome break. I hope you're all charged up for 2015. I know I'll be.

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