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Over the past few weeks, I have been planning a Global Health Expo for Juxtaposition Global Health Magazine! This past Tuesday, I got to see it come to life! Students got the chance to come out and meet some of U of T’s global health community and learn about ways to get involved, as well as their initiatives for the year! Did I also mention there was free food? 
Yes, they tasted just as good as they looked. Photo credits to @juxtamagazine on twitter!
At 1:00pm people slowly trickled in and explored the tables that each group had set up around the East Common Room of Hart House, which was decked out with 2 large rows for the event. I was a little nervous but very excited for the Global Health Expo, since it was my first event as the Events Co-director for Juxtaposition! The morning of, I thought to myself: Okay, worse comes to worse, if no one shows up, the leaders of the groups can just have a nice chat and we can eat all the food ourselves.  (Clearly I have a lot of faith in myself). Luckily, I did not have to force extra food down the throats of group leaders. To my relief, students came out and got to meet our team, as well as all the other groups that joined us!
photo 1 (1)
People! Rejoice!
Since we’re super fancy, we started our own hashtag (#GHExpo) and set up a twitter feed on the projector so people could see what everyone was saying!
tweets pic
Check out the #GHExpo hashtag on Twitter to see what was happening! Photo credit to @TO_thinks on Twitter!
The event ended with a raffle draw for tickets to Earthtones Benefit Concert, as well as the UTIHP Health and Human Rights Conference, to keep up with the global health theme. It was great to get a lot of positive feedback, as well as constructive criticism on the event. I resolved that I could change or add the following:
  1. Expand the scope of the groups to cater to more varying global health interests.
  2. Go into more classes and speak firsthand to students about events, because the few classes I did speak at responded really well.
  3. Add more activities to engage students to keep them interested!
Over all, the first ever Global Health Expo at U of T went smoothly! Looking back at it I learned a lot from planning just this one event, and I'm really looking forward to future ones!

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