Change Out Of Those U of T Sweatpants For A Night…

I have an excuse for you to get out of sweats and put on something fancy.

Perfect timing, I know. It’s that time of the year when even the eager first year students stop trying to “dress to impress.” In my eyes, you haven’t been fully integrated into U of T culture until you have a solid collection of hoodies and sweats that you rotate every few days and hope no one cares enough to notice.

Yes, yes, I see you, my fellow style junkie. Don’t act like you haven’t had your off days, weeks, or months.

Anyway, here are some excuses to dress up. What better way to get involved on campus than to slap on some makeup, put your hair (or hijab) in a fancy ‘do, throw on your most uncomfortable shoes, and head out to a themed, carefully planned student semi-formal? There are a billion and one semi-formals hosted by our colleges and student groups every year (don’t quote me on the numbers).

Here are a few that might strike your interest:

As always, check in with your college or student groups and find a reason to get dressed up. Tweet @LifeatUofT and #TryItUofT and let us know where you’ll be looking fancy this year!

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