Winter to do list, its more fun than you think!

With Winter upon us and more exams in the near future, what is there to look forward to these days? Well I'll tell you what, CAMPUS LIFE! Never has there been a better time to get pumped for what this school year still has to offer. Alright alright I know what your already thinking, I'm the overly optimistic obnoxious student who is trying way too hard to spunk up some life at this gloomy time of year (and lets be honest this weather isn't helping at all either... thanks Sandy).  
That's what a hurricane looks like right???
Well I must admit that this probably has something to do with the UTSU board meeting I had earlier tonight, so my head is sort of filled with some exciting events coming up this semester, and well into the Winter term too. So too bad fellow readers but you are going to be subjected to an updated report on all things interesting and fun to check out in the near future. So lets get to it: 1.Culture Show: For the first time ever the University of Toronto Student's Union is hosting a variety talent show of campus wide proportion next month on November 23rd, in non other than the beautiful Isabel Bader Theatre. Tickets are only going to be 2 bucks a pop or a non perishable food item for the U of T food and clothing bank. Stay tuned for details at the U of T Life: St George Facebook page, or better yet just click here and you can follow UTSU Campus Life on Facebook for all the best updates on related events too! 2. Winter Week of Welcome: Bummed to be back for another semester at U of T? Heck no, at least not with all of the programming that is being whipped up for the first week back in January. Of course this information is highly confidential for the time being, but considering that last year we landed the Arkells for a free concert for all U of T students, you can bet that there will be a good event or two ready to go. 3. Reading Week Trip: Ah yes the perfect segway into everyone's favourite time of year (that is apart from Xmas) Reading Week! This year UTSU will once again be putting on a trip to Montreal from February 20th-23rd. Not only will it be at a very reasonable price (ranging from $189-$259), but the trip is also planned to include many extra add ons such as an optional day ski trip!
Yeah thats right thats me....... Lol I wish
With all of these things (and of course much much more) to look forward to my objective is that you no longer feel too bummed about the troubles that October brought and all that darn work ahead of us all in November. So keep your head held high above that heap of papers friends, and know that there is much to look forward too :). - Shak -

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