This Winter, Spice Things Up!

Feeling down in the dumps? Needing something exciting to help you get through this semester? Well folks, I have a series of events that are for you! This year, as what has become an annual tradition for the Sexual Education and Peer Counselling Centre (SEC), is the much talked about Sexual Awareness Week (SAW). SAW The week is a dedication to educating and celebrating everything to do with sex, and it is happening right now! Now, I couldn’t get this posted before the first event happened yesterday, but just know it was a great time for all. SEC, along with LGBTOUT rented the entire complex of Oasis Aqualounge for “Sexy Social Time.” Guests enjoyed access to the outdoor pool and private courtyard, while taking advantage of the indoor hot tub, sauna, and steam rooms. The venue, which is touted as a water-themed adult’s playground, was taken over by students to provide an experience that many may have overlooked or been too scared to do on their own. But not to fret; there are more events every day this week that you can get to. When: Tuesday, January 31st 2012 – 2 – 4pm What: C’est What You Want to Know About Pleasure and Communication Where: Claude T. Bissel Building, Room 112 Volunteers lead a discussion on strategies of how to negotiate consent and pleasure in this interactive workshop. Examples will be provided that show situations that challenge communication, and how to handle these.  Kayla Wright, SEC Executive Director says that this is “a workshop geared towards healthy communication with partners, whether or not they're casual or long-term.” It should be informative and most importantly, fun.   When: Tuesday, January 31st 2012 – 6 – 8pm What: Yoga for Two Where: 21 Sussex Clubhouse Rehearsal Room (4th Floor) An event for couples (or close friends) to get up close and personal during a yoga session. No experience is necessary, and Kayla says that there will be “fun poses for two that help improve stretching and flexibility.” When: Wednesday. February 1st 2012 – 2 – 5pm What: Porn and Cookies Where: SEC Office – 21 Sussex Ave. Room 612 This event has become one of the most popular year after year; the SEC office offers a safe and non-judgmental space to view and learn about porn, while enjoying some cookies with new friends. This event is for everyone, regardless of how much porn they have or have not seen. It is actually a different experience watching it in a group. When: Wednesday, February 1st 2012 – 6 – 9pm What: Sushi and Hentai Where: SEC Office – 21 Sussex Ave. Room 612 Sushi will be served as participants view hentai anime, all while raising awareness about sexual cultures other than the Western one we live with. “Like porn and cookies, we watch hentai and order a few platters of sushi” says Kayla.   When: Thursday, February 2nd 2012 – 11am – 2pm What: STIcky Situations Where: OISE Room 2279 As SEC volunteers know, there is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation going around about STIs, which persist in our communities. This interactive discussion provides a safe space for you to come out and find out about the STIs that are out there, how to avoid them, and how to deal with them. When: Thursday, February 2nd 2012 – 2 – 5pm Where: SEC Office – 21 Sussex Ave. Room 612 “Curious about role-play? This is the event for you, lots of drama games and discussions on how to enjoy being you being someone else,” says Kayla. This workshop is great for those who love to make a scene and wants to introduce the eroticism of role-play into their sexual repertoire. When: Thursday, February 2nd 2012 – 6 – 9pm What: S/Mile Where: SEC Office – 21 Sussex Ave. Room 612 Ever thought about stepping out of the vanilla stuff you are used to and experiencing something a bit kinky? SEC once again offers a safe and sex-positive space to discuss the other side to sex and foreplay. Come out if you are interested, or come for some free snacks. When: Friday, February 3rd 2012 – 2 – 4pm What: Butt Play for Boys Where: Innis College, Room 312 This event is rather self-descriptive, as it tackles the stigma around anal play for “male-bodied folk.” Although the workshop will focus on pleasuring men, people of any gender or sexual identity are welcome. When: Friday, February 3rd 2012 5 – 7pm What: Bawdy Painting Where: SEC Office – 21 Sussex Ave. Room 612 Whether you are single or part of a couple (or more, I’m not judging), you can come out and experience the fun and erotic act of painting on each other. If you come alone, you will meet some new friends all while making others’ bodies pieces of art. When: Friday, February 3rd 2012 – 8pm – 12am What: SEC’s Games Where: Hart House East Common Room Popular games such as dirty bingo and the dating game are just a couple of the wacky antics that SECers will be up to on this night. Plus, there will be prizes! Well, that’s a synopsis of what is happening this week. I know that not all of the events will appeal to everyone, but I am sure there is one or two things that have piqued your interest (even if you are too bashful to admit it!) Overall, SEC aims to provide safe and sex-positive spaces for students on campus, and a lot of planning goes into this annual event. For more information about these events, or for more information about the work that SEC does year round, visit their website. If you go to one or more of these events, please leave a comment on my post so we know how it went! Cheers, Jon  

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