The Funnies

As we dive, or in some cases plummet, back into school I’m reminded of how carefree and gleeful the winter break was. I am attempting to extend the vibe as long as humanly possible. Here’s how I’m going to do it. Laughing! Yes, indeed I am going to laugh my way straight through till April. It might be the after effects of turkey coma, or the inestimable number of Hello Dolly squares I ate last month (if you don’t know what these are please do yourself a favour, Google the recipe and make them immediately. They are divine!) My point is that I’m either still riding the December sugar high or I’ve discovered a way to stretch out the holiday chill longer than usual. I enjoy the fact that I have a healthy and imaginative internal dialogue. However, sometimes it seriously cracks me up at the most inopportune time. So here’s a list of the various things that are currently making me laugh out loud to myself in the middle of a lecture. 1. This is a really funny short about three dinosaurs who work in an office. It is so much funnier than it sounds!! Enjoy.   2. Nice Gilmorgan!!! I actually fell off my couch the first time I saw this.   3. This hand dryer in the washroom in Carr Hall (east side). I hope the photo accurately portrays how high up on the wall this towel roll is mounted. It is mounted high enough that I (who am five feet and six inches) must go on tippytoes to pull the towel down. Now read the warning…. I want to know how and what, would or could anyone dry with this thing other than their hands. Perhaps a seven foot tall student could dry their elbows, but that’s about it.  Another funny thing about this…there’s a mirror on the front of the towel roll to check yourself out in. Again I ask who is tall enough to use this. Maybe there were giants attending U of T in 1979, when this towel roll was installed. Or maybe a circus performer! You know, one of those acrobats that wraps themselves in the ribbon and then plummets to the ground stopping right before they hit. Now I’m not sure why, it could be that I am just easily amused, but this thing makes me laugh every time I walk into this bathroom. This has caused some awkward situations for me in this washroom. 4. This photo. I don’t need to say anything except enjoy! 5. The graphic warning signs at Kelly Library. Some of which show lions who will eat you if your books are late. If bored on the east side of campus, take five or ten minutes and walk around Kelly Library, paying particular attention to the signs throughout. I don’t know who makes them, but kudos to whoever this comic genius is. They are responsible for making me laugh at least ten times a week. I really wanted to show you all some of these funny signs, but alas they are sheathed in a plastic sleeve which is not kind to camera lenses. 6. The warning on the side of my highlighter. DO NOT INJEST! Even I’m guilty of nibbling on the end of a pen, but I really wonder who would start nibbling on the ink filled nub of a highlighter. I think no one, except perhaps a small child, who can’t yet read the warning. Now at the present time this highlighter has vanished and although I would love to provide photographic proof of this ridiculous warning label, sadly I can not. What I can show you is a complilation of some of the funniest warning labels. Follow this link and enjoy. My personal favourite is the warning on the egg carton that reads "this product may contain eggs"....that one made me cry! That’s what is making me laugh this week. What’s got you giggling? Lots of Laughs, Lori

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