Tear-aways are a rip-off! (Or are they an essential item?!)

I was having a little chit chat with the ladies yesterday; we were discussing the ways in which we could categorize an athlete based on the gear they’ve got kickin' around. I personally think that it’s too bad we can’t all just run around naked and be fit like cavemen/women but nowadays you’d probably end up in the slammer for that kind of behaviour. So, students of Toronto 2011, if you’re looking to get fit you likely need some equipment to help you get there, if you’re already a fitness guru you likely have some of these supplies!  I’m not saying these lists are complete or necessary by any standards, rather a basic guideline to help you generate your own ideas. Here’s what we came up with; you might fall into some categories or perhaps you'll add some gear to your wish list! The starred items are considered luxury ones! The Minimalist
  • Running shoes: or perhaps no shoes if you’ve trained your feet super well to run barefoot
  • Water bottle: for re-hydration, not dehydration
  • Watch: old-fashioned heart rate monitor with the ol’ common carotid neck pulse check
  • Clothing:  often hand-me-downs from older siblings, perhaps some Value Village kicks
  • ** iPod/MP3 Player: potential song’s to keep you running “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People, Rihanna’s “We Found Love” or maybe “Civilization” by Nigel Good?
  • * Tearaways: don’t call it a comeback! If your youth was deprived of such fine leg protection, don’t fret. They’re out there and they’re so convenient to remove! Less convenient to put back on, especially if you’re in a hurry.
  • *LuLu gear: accessible, comfortable and stylish, although not always affordable. Purchase sparingly so you can afford other things.
  • *Coloured spandex body suits: very available at American Apparel…may not be necessary.
    The Zen Yogi
  • Yoga mat:  colour and padding preference are all up to you
  • Water bottle:  hydrate or migrate
  • *Yoga mat straps: keep everything rolled together, easy to carry
  • *Yoga mat towel:  if things get hot, particularly in hot sweaty yoga, your friends will thank you for having this
  • *Seaweed fiber tops: I’m not too sure what they claim to do, I don’t personally own one and I don’t think they release the power of the ocean into your work out. However, if you can find that kind of motivation with a little sea-stuff in your shirt then I’ve got no complaints!
  • *Silver luon items: quick-wick, quick-dry; stretchy, comfy; why not?!
  • Dumbbell:  if you’re hardcore they’re probably under your bed or in the closet
  • Resistance band: or two if you need more and less resistance
  • Chin-up bar:  hanging in the kitchen or bathroom doorway, always a conversation starter when you’re try to impress your guests
  • *Yaktrax: a past roomie of mine had these silly shoe grips; they look hilarious but are practical on icy roads
  • *HR Monitor: no more counting your own pulse, allow these fancy machines to do the work while you catch your breath
  • ** Nike +iPod Sports Kit: to measure and record your run or walk, including pace and distance
  • ** Hydration pack: forget carrying a water bottle by hand! These fancy backpacks will keep your hands free and you hydrated without you even realizing…okay you’ll probably realize, but still hands free!
  I hope this list had given you some gear for thought or some laughs for later! Congrats on making it to November. p.s. Don't forget, if you're registered in Athletic Centre  classes you get 15% off gear at the Varsity Sport Store! Later skaters. -Laura

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