Oh Miserable Midterms, Why Won’t You Just Let Me Be Great?!?

I knew they were coming, but the ferocity with which midterms have arrived has jolted me as badly as if someone had risen me from slumber with an ice-cold bucket of water. Le sigh. Entering second year, I was still excited about the possibilities for course selection. I wanted to learn about EVERYTHING!!! Come on - I'm in university to learn!!! Expand my mind, and whatnot!  So, not unlike a kid in a candy store, my mouth watered as I went through the course calendar, highlighting everything in sight: "Oooo, I wanna take that one, and this one, and...". Ok, I exaggerate.  Point being, I wanted a well-rounded degree, and taking a bunch of half courses seemed the perfect way to expose myself to different topics.  Le sigh. Encore. Yeah *insert sarcastic tongue smack here*.  They say that hindsight is twenty-twenty.  And a lack of course selection foresight means that I am now thrust head first into midterms while folks in year-long courses can relax for a bit. (Ummm, for now. Don't think you're getting away from the midterm curse either, my smug friends.) Out the window are my Bad Girls Club marathon sessions (hey!! don't judge me...).  Gone are the days of hanging out with friends until late in the night. Truthfully, I haven't even called anyone in some weeks (*Dara hangs her head sheepishly, and kicks a pebble with her scuffed-up shoe*.) But truth be told, I'm just complaining for the sake of complaining. I'm not worried - I'm studying, so I should do well. Midterms are just a minor mid-semester irritation that students go through. Sort of like having an annoying mosquito buzzing near my ear... On one hand, they're great because they help to sharpen skills necessary for the finals. And really - what's the big deal? If I'm keeping up with the readings (*Dara's eyes shift from side to side. Shiftily. Cough-cough*), then all the midterm does is reinforce what I'm already supposed to know, n'est pas? Ok, I have established that midterms are nothing to sweat. So why, then, do I feel so "blah" about them???  Simply put, the very word "midterm" has such a heavy quality to it.  It's sort of like when you were younger and your Mom told you to clean your room.  You know that you were going to get around to it anyway - but the mere fact that she tells you that it has to be done makes it seem so much more monumental.  You would have probably cleaned the room much faster on your own, if nobody told you that you had to do it.  That's it!  I now have an analogy by which to describe my "blah"-ness: I feel as though I have been sent to clean my room.  By "Midterms".  In other words, Midterms Are The Boss Of Me right now, and I'm feeling a little pushed around by them. I jest, I jest.  The fact is that I welcome the opportunity to challenge myself in the exam room.  At any rate, I chose to go to university - so I'd better get used to the frenetic pace that is the life of The Student. In the midst of all the prepping and reviewing - I still feel incredibly blessed  - and incredibly obligated to make use of the wonderful opportunity that a university education is providing me with. I gotta run.  I've got a stack of flash cards that aren't going to memorize themselves  🙂 That said, my choice for Song of The Week: Jill Scott "Golden". Have a golden week, everyone  🙂 link

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