Awesome campus spots you didn’t know about

What I love about UpbeaT is that we're always highlighting new and wonderful things about U of T. Over the school year, I have been lucky to discover some very interesting hidden spots on campus. I'm hoping most of them are a new addition to your ever-expanding repertoire of U of T hot spots, because I think they would be great places to hang out or study in. The Graduate Centre for the Study of Drama: I stumbled across this room only because I discovered I could take the elevator in the Koffler Student Services Centre to the third floor, and still manage to manoeuvre myself through a maze of hallways to reach our weekly UpbeaT meetings. The delightful ceiling lights caught my attention, and as a student studying drama, I'm delighted by any drama-related spaces. The Graduate Centre for the Study of Drama hosts the Master of Arts program in Drama, and this little room on the third floor of Koffler is a great place for graduate drama students to study and learn. The Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library: All right, so the name is a mouthful, but the library is simply divine. Named after a prominent Hong Kong businessman, this library promotes the study of Hong Kong in an international context. It surprised me immensely to arrive at the eighth floor of Robarts Library (accessible only from the second-floor elevator), to find a space magically transformed from drab cement walls and hosting an East Asian wing, complete with two libraries (the other being the Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library). I thought the Richard Charles Lee Library was beautifully designed, very peaceful, and geared towards studying. Plus, the tables are separated by awesome partitions, as displayed in pictures below. As a heads up, the library books aren't electronically monitored, so they will check your bag upon exit to ensure you didn't "borrow" any books without permission. Kruger Hall Commons: I've studied at Woodsworth College on St. George Street since September, and I walk past the same hallway at least four times a week. One day, I walked to class down that very hallway and I happened to look to my right, at the wall. Instead of the wall I had always seen, a large window was in place, displaying the newly renovated Kruger Hall Commons. An open-concept space where criminology students can put their brilliant minds together (okay, okay, I'm a criminology student as well as a drama student, hence the bias, but the space is not just for crim students :)). Kruger Hall Commons is the perfect spot for late-night studying or a quick cram session before class. Woodsworth College Computer Lab: Continuing with interesting developments at Woodsworth College, I must share this cozy computer lab. It sprung up from behind a wall of wooden panels, as my puzzled best friend pointed it out to me: "I could have sworn this wasn't here last week." The lab can only be accessed by U of T kids (you must present your TCard for entry) and it is a small lab, but the computers are great. Laidlaw Library: Whenever I mention to students that University College has a library, they look at me in amazement. Okay let me rephrase: they look at me like I'm a lunatic, but I get that look whether or not they think I am making up libraries. 🙂 The Laidlaw Library at University College is located on the second floor, on the north side. It is a bit of a complicated find - upon entering UC from the front doors, turn right until you hit the registrar's office, then turn left until you hit Room 140, then turn left again to a staircase, then either take the elevator to Floor 2R (not Floor 2: Floor 2R) or climb the stairs. There's also an entrance at the college's northeast corner that provides more direct access to the library! Laidlaw is an eerily quiet library with tall ceilings, lots of bright sunlight, and plenty of carrels for your studying needs. The Laidlaw Library is also home to the UC Writing Centre. I should clarify that  these are just a few wonderful places on campus. I'll keep an eye out for more spots, and if I can amass a post's worth of information and pictures, I'll let you know about more great places on campus. Can anyone think of a hot spot for me to check out? Have a great week! Fariya

3 comments on “Awesome campus spots you didn’t know about

  1. Fariya, this is a great post. I’ve never seen 75% of these places, but definitely want to check them out. Especially the desks next to those gorgeous windows in the Laidlaw Library.

  2. Hello Arthur Kruger hall! I am in love. It did NOT look this amazing when I had to write all my exams in there in first and second year! I must go! Especially since I’m literally 2 steps away from it.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    @ Mary – our campus is so big, there are so many wonderful places that U of T students dont know about! If you do check one of these places out, let me know what you think 🙂

    @ Lucy – I’ve heard the changes are significant. I never saw the Kruger before the renovations, but my friends say its much, much better! I think its really fantastic. All the chairs are like little couches with wheels, there are tables and even a few booths. There is even an upstairs portion! Its a great place to hang out with friends.

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