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Summer Adventures Don’t Need to be Cancelled!

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By: Michelle Bancroft, GradLife Ambassador

Are you an adventure junkie like I am? Avid traveler? Or just getting a bit of cabin-fever and want to have a change of scenery during this pandemic?! Here are some ideas of adventures you can safely take this summer while respecting physical distancing!


Top 5 Summer Adventure Ideas:

1. Hit the road

If you have access to a vehicle, there are many places you can travel to within Ontario, and even within your city! With international travel being restricted, this could be your summer to see more local areas. There are lots of beautiful lookouts and quaint towns to explore – while staying physically distanced from others. Pack some snacks, and take a long drive solo, or with your housemates. This is a great way to go on an adventure while still staying safe!

I know I love seeing the water, something about watching the waves, or even the smoothness of calm waters that helps me feel connected to nature. Many beaches are closed to walk around, but that doesn’t stop you from driving by the lakefront and parking with your windows facing the water. Scarbrough Bluffs is another place I have frequented throughout the pandemic. I often drive through the area finding small streets that have the best view of the water and sitting in my car with windows rolled down, or take a stroll if the area is empty. Do you love the water as much as I do? Perhaps this can help nourish you, without needing to leave the country.

2. Playing tourist in your town

Have you ever just walked your neighborhood with no destination in mind?! This might be your chance to get lost and wander down all the small streets within your area. Personally, I have discovered several new parks in my area, that I never knew existed. I even found three new tennis courts that are now open for singles games! I have even gotten lost on several occasions, which actually made me feel like I was in another country exploring a new city. I have also gone down to UofT St. George campus and wandered all the side allies and streets, exploring places that had previously been too busy and fast-paced to really enjoy. Have you seen how beautiful the blossoming trees are on campus lately?! I highly recommend a stroll, perhaps even a physically distanced walk together with a fellow grad student, around campus. You may need to experiment with the best times to walk around to make sure you have adequate space to physical distance from others, but it’s worth it!

Do you need a little more inspiration? Here you can find links and downloadable maps to tons of trails throughout the Toronto area – If you’re not currently in Toronto, check out your city’s website!

3. Camp out

Whether you have kids, or you are just a kid at heart, camping is always a fun adventure! Grab a tent and your sleeping bag, and head to your backyard for an overnight adventure in the outdoors. My cousin is a very busy mother of two small children, and she recently decided to make backyard camping a monthly event for her and her family. They are lucky enough to have an area to create a small fire where they roast marshmallows, make smores and tell kid-friendly ghost stories. This one night a month of outdoor fun has been a great way to keep her family having feeling positive about this summer and knowing that not all adventures are cancelled!

Additionally, some campsites throughout Ontario are now open, but to make sure you have the most up to date information check out 

4. Take a spin

Why not try a change of pace?! Strap on a helmet, and get cycling! There are so many paths throughout the city and beyond to explore. I don’t have my own bike, so I am delighted to see that remains open and has been expanding stations throughout the city. This is fun way to explore even further than you would normally get on foot. The Bike Share options have big baskets at the front of each one so you can bring water, blankets, and perhaps a whole picnic to be enjoyed along your ride. I know I will be using this service tons throughout the summer!

Additionally, Medisys has some helpful tips for you to keep in mind; “Remember to wear a homemade mask while cycling to protect others from your droplets, and keep a distance greater than two meters from people biking in the same path.” Biking can be a fun and safe way to have an adventure within your own city.

5. Plan an epic post-pandemic trip

Is there a destination you have always wanted to travel to? This could be your opportunity to start planning it. Regardless of when the trip becomes a reality, you can still have fun planning, researching, and combing the world wide web for suggestions. I had to cancel my overseas travel plans for this summer, so I am taking this time to research destinations more in-depth so that I can be best prepared as soon as overseas leisure travel becomes possible again. Start a scrapbook, download some travel podcasts, maps, and guides, and enjoy the planning stage of your next travel adventure. My favoruite website to help me plan trips is

I hope this helps you feel like you can still have fun and be adventurous throughout the pandemic this summer, while still staying safe and healthy. If you have any additional suggestions on pandemic-safe ways to travel this summer, please leave them in the comment box, I would love to know your plans and thoughts!


This blog was based on a Medisys article entitled “5 Travel-free adventures to plan this summer” and the full article link can be found here –


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