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The U of T Bucket List

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Now that the year is starting to wind down to an end, and spring is in the air (ignoring the call for snow this weekend), we thought this week would be a good chance to let you in on some of the “Must Do’s” at U of T before you say adieu to this place…or you know, if you’re not quite leaving this campus yet, just some great things to do while the weather’s nice!


Seems pretty obvious, but Philosopher’s Walk is definitely a must-do. If you haven’t strolled from Bloor to Harbord St. and taken a moment to sit in the amphitheater, you’re missing out. Also see if you can spot signs of the lost river that used to run through there!

observatoryVisit the U of T observatory – once a month, the observatory offers a free lecture and tour. Follow the link for more info on these awesome events.  

Take in a performance by U of T’s Gospel Choir: if you’re thinking that this may not be for you, listen to this clip by them and you’ll be adding this to your U of T bucket list faster than you can blink. 


Music not your thing?  Why not check out a play at the Hart House Theatre? There’s even an amazing dance festival coming up soon that gives you the best of both worlds! 



Visit the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library … maybe even get a prof to help you take a hands-on peek at one of the rare books? No? If you can’t do that, at least check out the changing exhibits the library puts on; right now, it’s of Shakespeare’s Folio, definitely a “not-to-miss” chance.

See Skule Night, the engineering society’ annual, awesome collection of comedy and musical talent. The year’s showing might be over, but stay tuned for next year’s 96th installment of the open house. 



Explore campus! This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes we get so set on our routes that we miss out on beautiful discoveries, including: Trinity Square, The Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library, Justina M. Barnicke Gallery at Hart House, and the Indoor Bamboo Gardens at Donnelly Centre…just to name a few!

Take a free-for-students class through Athletics & Recreation: Zumba, spin, weight training, and more. Might as well take advantage of that “free” gym pass before your time is up!

Hit up another free event for grad students: weekly yoga at the Gradroom, every Monday from 530-630.

Without breaking the bank, see if you can hit up all 40 locations to eat on campus. Pick up a food map from any campus cafeteria to get started.

This is just a VERY short list of all the really cool things you can do at U of T that have nothing to do with your studies; so, if you ever need a break, maybe take a different route to class, linger a little longer in a building you’ve never really explored, and just stop to smell the flowers. A little new in the familiar is a great way to reset, recharge, and remember that there’s always something to look forward to. Happy discovering.

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