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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Galantines, Bromances, and Romance

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought we’d tale a sneak peek at all Toronto has to offer for the (ok, somewhat over commercialized but still deliciously fun and cheesy) holiday, whether you’re looking to spend the day with a significant other, celebrating a bromance, or wanting to show some love to your galantine (our new favourite term that, according to google, means a gal pal Valentine).

Whether you’re looking for love, are not so much into the love scene right now, or left plans for Valentine’s Day to the last minute like yours truly, here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day activities around the city:

Screening of Thelma & Louise 


What’s better than binge eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and watching the bachelor on Valentine’s Day (although, come to think of it, that option sounds pretty good too!)? Grabbing a gal pal and dragging her to see another dynamic female duo on the big screen. On Feb. 14, Rainbow Cinemas is bringing back a classic for your “anti-Valentine’s Day” viewing pleasure.

Side note: if you’re feeling romantic, Rainbow Cinemas is also screening His Girl Friday over the weekend.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Mixer


A little more rage-focused than we usually go for, but if swinging out your aggression against cherub mugs and heart-filled plates is the cure for your anti-Valentine’s day fever, then you might want to make the trip to North York to check out the anti-Vday Mixer.

Ladies Learning Code


Tech Loving Ladies Alert! Toronto Ladies Learning is bringing some educational, kickbutt fun to Feb 14 this year. We’re all about anything that encourages more women to embrace their passion for STEM fields of learning, and this year you can do that with a galantine by heading to the “Ladies Learning Code” for a quickie course on CSS and HTML processing. Heck yes!


Snakes & Lattes 

We know, we know. There’s a current obsession over the cafes and board games idea right now, but we figure it’s popular for a reason! This is a fun alternative to an expensive dinner out, and we hear there are even some great “get to know you games” that make Snakes & Lattes an awesome first-date or “get-to-know-your-partner-better” place to go. We suggest getting there early or making a rezo though, the place tends to fill up quickly.

The Lockhart Cafe

Have a friend/partner who loves Harry Potter? Why not check out the Lockhart bar for a fun night out, which you can follow up with a movie marathon of the favourites! No night is complete without some flavoured jelly beans, buttered beer, and chocolate frogs (it’s in the small details).

Gladstone Love Inn


While Medieval Times has some pretty cheesy (read: amazing) Valentine’s Day events, we think an out-of-the-ordinary, lego & beers kind of night is pretty darn cool as well. Gladstone Inn has a week’s worth of Valentine’s Day events planned for the adventurous at heart. Check out their full schedule by clicking on the picture!

Skating at the Harbourfront 

Yeah, yeah, DJ skate nights happen most weekends in the winter…but did you know the one happening Feb. 13th will feature 5 of “the city’s hottest queer DJs”? If that’s not an inclusive, fun, Valentine’s kickoff then we don’t know what is. Plus, the colder weather and outdoor activity is a great excuse to snuggle up, or warm up with hot cocoa.

Outcasts and Misfits Movie Marathon 


We’re not a huge fan of what is likely supposed to be a hilarious event title, mainly because we see nothing wrong with rocking Valentine’s day with your bad-a** self. We think spending time alone is actually important to developing your sense of self-worth, and opening yourself up to more opportunities for growth and yes, love. So whether you’re with someone, with a friend, or being awesome all on your own, you can head to TIFF Bell Lightbox for a marathon of movies that threaten to pull me off my couch too: Dazed and Confused, Napoleon Dynamite, Moonrise Kingdom, and more!


Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about over-the-top gestures, sometimes staying home and spending some time with that special someone or any others that we love is just as important. Think of February 14th as a way to reconnect with yourself, with your family & friends, and to take a chance to say the I love you’s that have been lingering. From Gradlife to you, happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy the candy hearts and kisses!

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