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Favourite Study Spots

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We’re all spending hours of our lives swallowed up in the depths of the library anyway, may as well do it somewhere beautiful!

At U of T we have endless study space, which really is a luxury.  We have 44 libraries across 3 campuses, and even more student lounge and mixed-use areas.  Before we start to resent the flickering florescent lights and crowded desks in Robarts, why not explore some other study spots and appreciate some of the beautiful spaces on campus?

Here are some of my favourites:



Gradroom, at 66 Harbord St. is a great mixed use space.  It’s not necessarily a quiet study space, but there’s plenty of areas for reading, or meetings and group work. There’s also a second cup inside and a great outdoor patio- hit it up while it’s still nice enough to sit outside!  During the week, Gradroom is open from 7am to 8pm.

At Gradroom, you can also book the lower level for free as a grad student.  The space can be arranged to accommodate various programming such as lectures, presentations, or group activities.

Reading Room in Gerstein Library

image borrowed from

image borrowed from

When entering Gerstein library, it may not seem  like much but take a sharp right and enter the reading room through the double doors and you’ll enter into a space where you’ll think “I will FINISH my paper today- and then take on the world with my brilliance!” And even if you spend an hour skimming facebook, that’s okay, because you’re in such a gorgeous and studious place where at least someone probably completed something important.

Keep walking to the back room and you’ll find more rooms with lots of natural light, old books, and large portraits of old white guys that probably did something important too.  And if you make your way upstairs you’ll find group study rooms that you can book here. If you find yourself freaking out or on the brink of a group work-induced meltdown- it’s okay- look out the windows at that beautiful ivy.

Graham Library, Trinity College



At 6 Hoskin Avenue, this library has a beautiful quad and tranquil fountain.  It  makes for a great study break area, or spot to eat lunch with some friends in between classes. But what’s my favourite part of this library? One each floor there is a small living room-style area with big comfortable arm chairs and a FIREPLACE. That’s right.  So go on, feel classy.

Heart House Library


image borrowed from Life@UofT Blog

image borrowed from Life@UofT Blog

Hart House library, which can be found on the second floor of Hart House is a cozy spot to curl up with a book and nap, I mean study. Check out the photo above taken in 1930- looks about the same today!

These are just a handful of great spots on campus, what are your favourite study spots?


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