Of all the problems that walk through our office doors (we work with university students who want to improve their academic performance), procrastination is one of the most fascinating—and the most frustrating.  It’s tangled up with all manner of other ‘issues’: perfectionism, addiction, problems with authority, writing (and other) blocks, performance anxiety….  Those of us (and, yes, I will be first in line when the pharmaceutical industry—finally!—markets a procrastination ‘patch’) who procrastinate usually hate ourselves for doing so.  We know it’s a behaviour that produces unnecessary stress, panic attacks, a nagging sense that we are selling our best selves short.  But we do it anyway.  In this blog, we hope that our colleagues, guests, those of us who work with students here at the counselling service—and the students themselves—will be able to sort through some of the more teasing aspects of procrastination.


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