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Got a good idea? Get to know the GIF December 1, 2011

Posted by Chris Garbutt in Leadership, Student Life.
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By Redon Hoxhaj

You know what GIF is, don’t you? No, I’m not referring to the graphic interchange format that is so useful and versatile. GIF at Hart House stands for the Good Ideas Fund, a student panel that will give you up to a grand in cash to make your great idea a reality.

Before you let your imagination run wild, it might be important to know they won’t fund just any idea. So if you have a brilliant plan for a computer program that hacks into ROSI, don’t expect to receive a warm reception. Here’s what the good people at GIF are looking to fund:

Highlights of ideas funded by GIF in the past include:

–          David Suzuki appearance at Convocation Hall

–          G8 Research Group

–          University of Toronto Health and Human Rights Conference

–          Writer’s Co-op Spoken Word Event – Exchanging Notes

–          Students Against Climate Change—Green Jobs Fair

You’ll need to come up with a brilliant idea first, then fill the GIF application form, and submit it to the committee at least three days prior to their next meeting and four weeks prior to your event.

There has never been a better time to realize your dreams, so hurry and submit your application!

Redon Hoxhaj is the communications assistant at the Office of Student Life.