Winter To-Do List: The Procrastination Edition


Guilty citizen of the ProcrastiNation right here, everybody.

I’ve got an exam tomorrow, lecture notes and several hundred pages of readings to re-revise, and definitions to repeat over and over to myself until I sound like a broken record.

And yet, at this moment, I am doing none of those things. Instead, I’m sitting here making a list.

As I’ve mentioned before, I do love my lists. I’m already anticipating the end of my last exam this week and daydreaming about all the wonderful glorious things I could do in the time I’m spending buried nose-deep in readings.

So, out of this particular procrastination episode (or ‘study break’ as I like to call them), came a very detailed to-do list about what I plan to do after my last exam is over, which, for your amusement, I'll be sharing here.


Becoming a Morning Person: An Experiment

Anyone who knows me knows that, by nature,  I am not a morning person.

me any time before noon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             source:
Early mornings usually see me with the functioning capacity of a sloth on sleeping pills.

(Minus those two wretched early class days when I have to be up and ready to commute), I tend to sleep in and then feel horribly guilty for having wasted most of the morning.

Occasionally, ambitious 6 AM alarms are set, complete with threatening labels to motivate me to wake up....


…but with little success.

However, a week ago I was reading a Forbes article (you know, as any sophisticated, intellectual young person often does… jk it randomly popped up on my Facebook newsfeed) entitled 'How to Become A Morning Person.'

Inspired by the examples of several successful early risers such as Margaret Thatcher, Indra Nooyi and Anna Wintour, to name a few, I decided to challenge myself:

Seven days, seven early mornings.

Are You Going Global?




Guten Tag! 

Ni Hah! 

No, I don’t actually speak all these languages (gosh, I wish I did) but get this-  U of T has sent students to all the places these languages are spoken and many, many more besides. All the international programs through which students can study abroad will be having an informative fair this week at Sid Smith from Tuesday through till Thursday!