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First year at U of T? Here’s 8 tips from my roommates

I was chatting with my two roommates the other day and they had a lot to say about what worked and didn’t work in first year. 

I’ve since compiled a comprehensive list of their pearls of wisdom.

Anisha and her two roommates.
Pictured: Three random strangers. Kidding. It’s Anisha and her two roommates.

1) Be the initiator

Knock on your neighbour’s doors, ask classmates to grab lunch after class, collect people’s Instagram handles in the elevator. 

2) Go to movie nights 🎥

Their advice is to specifically attend the Queer Orientation movie night, but residence events are just as great.

3) Avoid coffee on an empty stomach

If you’re feeling nervous, this will only amplify those feelings.

4) Recharge your social battery as needed 🔋

Know your needs and don’t feel pressured to hang out with people just for the sake of ‘being social.’ If your social battery is at a 0, feel free to let people know and chill alone in your room.

5) Loiter in the caf and hallways 🤝

We’ve met a lot of close friends just by being at these places for absolutely no reason.

6) Chicken salad is not salad with chicken 🥗

Roomie was quite sad when she discovered this one.

7) Gartic Phone is a great game for friends 📱

It’s easy, online, free, and you can make a lot of group inside jokes through it.

8) Consider getting an air conditioner 💨

Really only necessary if you are very particular about the room temperature… but roomie insists it is vital.

My roommates and I wish you a very fun, experimental, and rewarding first year of uni! Feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions and I will consult my 2 in-apartment experts before replying.

Cheers to the new school year,

Anisha Latchman

2nd year CS & CogSci | Life @ U of T Digital Storyteller

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